After Three Months of Walking in the Fog…There’s Clarity

Part of the 3 Years to Online Freedom Journal

Before I found my business plan, I had a vague idea of what I wanted in a ‘work from home’ business. I wanted the freedom to work my business from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. I wanted to check my accounts each morning to find sales and clients in my email. I knew I wanted to make significantly more money than basic living wages.

But how was I going to start a business from scratch?

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Like many of you, I looked to those who seem to have climbed the freedom ladder. How did they make millions with podcasts, online courses, selling e-books, and other seemingly non-conforming services and products?

The gurus have spoken! Follow your passion. Listen to your dreams. If you love it, they will love it. “Watch me as I sell golf clubs on a new Facebook Ad in ten minutes and make $50,000K a month! That’s how easy it is!” They tell you to copy their formula for your item of choice and “BOOM”! Money magically appears. But it doesn’t.

Tim Ferris wrote a best seller on this very topic called “The 4-Hour Work Week.” In the book, he walks you through his almost automated business model where he makes tons of money, lives cheaply and eventually became wealthy and famous guru. A must-read, by the way. It’s full of great ideas and resources. He even tells you about the miss starts and do-overs. It’s a great testimonial to persistence and eventual success.

I wrestled with my passions. I have many. Which should I pursue? Maybe one? Maybe two? What if I combine my skills and talents into something new and wonderful, would that lead me big sales and my desired lifestyle?

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The gurus spoke again!There’s a formula, a secret code. All you need to do is sign up, watch the lessons, and follow the step by step instructions.The gurus have the secret decoder rings to unlock your treasure chest.I dutifully watched seminars, listened to podcasts, and bought courses. The main message that they bellowed from the rooftops of these online courses, Facebook groups, webinars, was “NICHE! NICHE! NICHE and then NICHE down some more!”

After the lessons from the gurus, and money spent on courses, I was still no closer to my plan. In fact, I was a few thousand in debt on my credit cards now.Armed with the step by step plans, untold numbers of success stories, and all my passions, I wandered aimlessly for three months, trying to find my niche, my golden egg, and use that decoder ring that cost me a pretty penny. I must admit it was a little depressing.


Before I came up with my 3 Year Plan to Online Freedom, I gave it intense thought for about three good months. Many of those days and nights I spent walking in the fog of my own making. I could not find a way to get to my finish line. Many days were spent in depressed contemplation, thinking maybe my goals were unreachable.

Each day during those formative months, I carefully weighed each of my talents, my previous education, and job skills with my passions and desired outcome. I toyed with dropping some of the projects I started and plan on starting new ones. But something in me said not to let go. Not yet. Also, since one is a coaching service, I can’t abandon those who trust me.

By the second month, a path was beginning to form through the fog.The coaching service had to stay. I would build upon that model for my other streams of income. I could do that by adding what I love. I love being on camera, video creation, writing, coaching, and teaching.

I quickly picked up my pace as the fog began to clear. Seeing the golden path out of the fog, I finally had a plan.

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Starting a new business, stormy own business, invest in startups, creating a business plan

During the third month, my projects and the streams of income became clear. It was beginning to get exciting.


After wandering hopelessly through the thick bleak fog, I found my path.It’s filled with clarity, purpose, and excitement.

Follow my continuing journey.

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